What categories are growing the most in CSQ?

Some of the categories growing the most at the moment are the ones related to gift cards and “closed-loop” products and services.

For example, we have seen some strong interest and demand from some of our channels for products such as gaming gift cards, prepaid electricity, bill payments, transports, food vouchers, construction and micro-insurances.

This has ultimately been translated into promising sales!

Transaction in one of CSQ’s shops

Why are these categories growing so much?

I think that this comes from the bigger need from the final customers to buy and pay for all their recurrent commodities into one single place (which can be a retail store, an app or an online marketplace). Internationally speaking, this is a bit the same. Customers are sending money back home and will keep on doing it, but they actually love to know where the money is exactly being spent back home. Something that money transfer doesn’t allow to know obviously… So, they would rather use viable alternatives and pay directly themselves for the electricity, water, food, insurances and any other services for their loved ones back home.


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